Book Bonanza 2023 Pre-order

This pre-order is only available for those attending

the Book Bonanza 2023 event.

Packs will be available for purchase until June 1st. 

Important Notes! Please read carefully:

1. The Dreamland Billionaires series will be available for purchase on-site through Half Price Books,

while the Dirty Air series will not be. If you would like me to sign one of your books,

please bring it with you. Signed bookplates will also be available to those who wish

to meet me but are not able to bring a book with them.


2. Swag packs are limited to two packs per person.

If you have a book friend who wasn’t able to make it, this is your chance to grab one. 🙂


3. Each of the three swag packs will include exclusive custom items.

Those who wish to collect all three packs will not receive any repeated items.


4. The Lauren Asher Premium Pack includes a custom tote bag.


5. Only a limited amount of packs will be avaialble to purchase at Book Bonanza.

The best chance of securing a pack will be via pre-order.


I am so very excited to meet you all at Book Bonanza, and I am looking forward to sharing the fun stuff

I have created with special bookish businesses and my amazing graphic designer.