Content Warnings


Parental abuse, emotional abuse, other woman drama


Parental abuse, emotional abuse, other woman drama


Death of a loved one (on-page)


Death of a parent (on-page), mental health difficulties, OTC pill misuse, chronic illness, mentions of terminal illness


Injury, miscarriage, drug use, parental abuse, depression, trauma, death of a loved one

The Fine Print

Death of a parent (off-page), depression, suicidal thoughts, parental abuse, discussions about terminal illness (cancer),

Terms and Conditions

Parental abuse, substance addiction, discussion about terminal illness (cancer), physical abuse

Final Offer

Substance addiction, alcoholism, brief mentions of terminal illness, death of a parent (off-page), grief, and parental verbal abuse.

Love Redesigned

Depression, antidepressants, anxiety, mentions of death of a parent (off-page), mention of child loss and postpartum depression, grief, and infertility.

Love Unwritten

mentions of previous self-harm (cutting), parental abandonment, mentions of spousal and parental abuse, parental neglect, mentions of death of a parent, degenerative eye condition, childhood food insecurity, compulsive eating.