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Bandini Barbie Babes 


Lakefront Billionaires Merch


Book Bonanza Merch


Character Art by KkristenArts


Dreamland Merch has officially arrived.

The Dreamland Playlist Collection 

CDs, Vinyls, and Mixtapes not included

Dreamland Designs

The Official Dreamland Collection

Nebula Land

Brady Kane’s billion dollar brainchild

Team Rowan Kane

Making bowling dates sexy since 2021

Team Declan Kane

Coming Soon…

Support your favorite Dirty Air driver and team.

Team Slade Collection

The legend who started it all.

Team Zander Collection

Inspired by his twins, Stella and Leo.

Team Kingston Collection

All hail the King.

Team Alatorre Collection

Book boyfriend not included with purchase.

Bandini Racing Collection

Where teammates become family.

McCoy Racing Collection

Support the LiamJax bromance with this McCoy merch.

Bandini Babes Collection

Once a Bandini Babe, always a Bandini Babe.