Readers enjoy diving into a story and putting themselves in the mindset of someone else. I love writing about strong women who have confidence, a backbone, and are interested in self-exploration. When I think up the women in my stories, I write them as if they are my friends. I want them to be funny, a little sassy and empowering. I add a small part of myself to each female, which gives me the ability to empathize and bring the characters to life. I hone in on their strengths and weaknesses and how they go about growing within the story.

I think my biggest turn-offs regarding heroines include self-deprecating females who think they don’t deserve the man. Or worse, that they don’t understand why the male has an interest in them. Call it a personal preference. I find it hard to write these characters, so I’ll stick to my strong-willed females who have a knack for keeping the men in their lives on the tips of their toes.