Some tips and tricks:

  • Read through your manuscript out loud. It’s awkward, I get it. It’s amazing how many errors you can find when you read your words to yourself. 
  • Export your word document as a PDF. A professor taught me this trick during class before printing out a document. Changing the style of your manuscript can help you catch errors you didn’t notice before. It’s a great second step before you use up a whole ream of paper!
  • Print out your manuscript. I’m eco-friendly, don’t get me wrong. But there’s great value in printing out a document and using a pen to make changes yourself. I recommend doing this step after you’ve already run through your document on your computer.
  • Hire a professional. Sometimes the best editing tip is to hire out. It’s worth the money because we are biased about our work. You’ve worked hard to make sure your brainchild is everything you want it to be. I recommend hiring someone to conduct a line edit that way your novel has the best chance at succeeding.